Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Individual Cheesecake Recipe Cupcakes

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This cheesecake recipe is based on a Devonshire cheesecake and is made entirely in the microwave. Each cheesecake is prepared/baked in an individual cupcake holder which makes it really convenient.  The time to make this is about 10 minutes.

The base of this cheesecake recipe is a ready made cookie based vanilla wafers, so this helps tremendously with keeping the preparation time of this dessert to a minimum. The base I use is Nilla wafers however have used the generic brands like “great value”, both of these make an excellent ready made base for desserts that require this type of base.


  • Vanilla wafers (I use Nilla or Great Value which can be found at Walmart).
  • 1/3 cup of packed brown sugar.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
  • Cream cheese (Philadelphia cream cheese will do as along as you don’t mind the irony).
  • 1 medium to large egg.
  • optional fruit (strawberry, blueberry, etc) and sour cream/whipped cream.This is optional as its only for the topping which is not necessarily needed.


  1. The paper cupcake holders need support when being baked, so place each in a small ramekin or in a microwavable cupcake dish.
  2. Place one vanilla wafer in each cupcake and set them aside.
  3. Put the cream cheese in a bowl and microwave on low for about 2 minutes or until it is soft.
  4. Add the brown sugar, vanilla extract and egg to the above mixture.  You need to mix this till smooth, so a electric mixer would come in handy.
  5. pour the mixture into the paper cupcake cups.
  6. Now place the cups in the microwave so that they are evenly spaced (I prepare them in a circle)
  7. Microwave on low/medium setting for about 7 minutes.
  8. Check each cheesecake and if the center is set then it is done.  If any are not done, microwave them for another minute.
  9. Once all are done, let them rest/cool on a wire rack for about 1 hour.  Then refrigerate.
  10. You can add a topping of sour cream or whipped cream, plus a fruit of your choice.  I personally don’t like the sour cream so use stiff whipped cream with a hulled, half strawberry.
I hope you enjoyed this easy to make, microwave cheesecake recipe, if you did please share with friends and family through the sharing buttons bellow.
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